Message from the Commissioner

Commissioner Jim RubensteinThe Division of Corrections has faced many challenges in the past and has many more ahead. Our agency is extremely fortunate to have many talented and dedicated employees who have the capability to develop a model correctional system.

I have gratefully accepted the challenge of Commissioner of Corrections. I am committed to working with the Governor's Administration and the correctional employees of this agency to work toward developing a model correctional system that draws upon the talents of our many dedicated employees.

In order to meet the needs of our expanding system, I am committed to empowering our staff to develop process improvements that will create both effective and cost efficient correctional practices and procedures. We will work toward "Best Practices" in corrections management.

One of the first challenges, I will ask of the Wardens and Administrators is to solicit recommendations from employees on their ideas:

  • How to improve working conditions for our employees; what types of achievement recognitions can be developed and implemented.
  • What the employees identify as our priority needs.
  • Identify their ideas on effective and cost efficient process improvements throughout our correctional system.

I am confident our employees will work toward Governor Manchin's and Cabinet Secretary Spears' goals of insuring our correctional system provides safety to the public, employees, and offenders and providing services to the victims. I am thankful for the opportunity to provide leadership in this critical area.

-Commissioner Jim Rubenstein