Message from the Acting Commissioner

Acting Commissioner Loita Butcher I have gratefully accepted the challenge of serving as the Acting Commissioner of the Division of Corrections and I am committed to working with Governor Justice’s administration and the dedicated employees of the DOC to work toward a safer and more efficient correctional system in West Virginia.

In furtherance of that goal, and in line with Secretary Sandy’s vision of enhancing employee safety, reducing illegal drugs in correctional facilities, and improving recruitment and retention the DOC adopted a new strategic plan focused on the following priorities:

  1. Employee Safety
  2. Reducing Illegal Drugs
  3. Recruitment & Retention
  4. Restrictive Housing
  5. Recidivism and Overcrowding Reduction

DOC leadership staff will be working diligently to further these priorities and I know with the support of our dedicated and hardworking employees we will be successful.

— Acting Commissioner Loita Butcher