Mission Statement

Our Vision

The vision of the West Virginia Division of Corrections is to be recognized as an innovative leader in providing quality correctional services.

Our Mission

The mission of the West Virginia Division of Corrections is to enhance public safety by providing safe, secure, and humane correctional facilities, operating an effective system of offender re-entry and community supervision, reducing offender recidivism, and assisting victims of crime.

Our Core Values

  1. Public Safety
  2. Integrity
  3. Fairness
  4. Commitment
  5. Professionalism

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Our highest priority is the protection of the public, staff, and offenders through the highest degree of professional performance at all times.
  2. Our integrity is above reproach, as we are accountable to the public, staff and offenders alike.
  3. We correct offender behavior first and foremost by modeling appropriate behavior.
  4. We provide and encourage staff to seek out opportunities that develop or enhance professional knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  5. We treat all employees, the public, and offenders with fairness, honesty, consideration, and dignity while recognizing diversity.
  6. We empower our employees to effectively perform their duties to the best of their abilities through training, trust, and teamwork.
  7. We take pride in maintaining the quality of our organization through performance, appearance, and education.
  8. We embrace professional service over personal desire and provide correctional services, as appropriate, which will positively affect offender management and re-entry.
  9. We are sensitive to the needs of crime victims and their families and aid them in personal empowerment.
  10. We exhibit the highest degree of ethical behavior, professional excellence, quality, and competence in all that we do.
  11. We resolve all situations, in which the course of action is in doubt, by erring on the side of security and public safety.