Women's Addiction Services

In more recent years, research has indicated a need for separate programming for female offenders to meet their gender-specific needs. While female offenders attend ALADRUE I, Phases Two and Three of the ALADRUE program are substituted with Dr. Stephanie Covington’s programs A Woman’s Way through the Twelve Steps and Helping Women Recover within the female offender population.

A Woman’s Way through the Twelve Steps

A Women’s Way through the Twelve Steps replaces the men’s ALADRUE Phase Two program and is used as a model of peer recovery support. It primarily focuses on the Twelve Steps from a women’s perspective. It deals with not only how the Steps help overcome addictions, but how the Steps are a tool to heal and change themselves and creating the possibility of a new and different life. The primary goal of this program is the progression through the Twelve Steps.

Helping Women Recover

Helping Women Recover is a treatment program for women who are recovering from substance abuse and psychological trauma in correctional settings. It is based on guidelines for comprehensive treatment for women established bye the federal government’s Center of Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT). It also reflects a model that integrates three theoretical perspectives: a theory of addiction, a theory of women’s psychological development and theory of trauma. This program uses a psycho-educational format that helps women address the cognitive, affective, and behavioral aspects of recovery. It focuses on four modules: Self, Relationships, Sensuality and Spirituality.