Denmar Correctional Center

Mark Williamson, Warden

4319 Denmar Road
Hillsboro, WV 24946
Phone: (304) 653-4201
Fax: (304) 653-4855


Mission Statement

To provide inmates, staff and the public with a secure and safe environment: To promote responsibility to one’s self and society: To enhance the skills necessary for self-development, serving to maintain a positive and productive style of living.

Leadership Biography

Warden Mark Williamson - Mark A. Williamson began work with the Division of Corrections in 1991 as a Counselor at Huttonsville Correctional Center.

In July of 1996, Mr. Williamson then transferred to Anthony Correctional Center as the Deputy Warden while working with the young adults population of the Division of Corrections.

In October of 1998, Mr. Williamson was appointed as the Warden of Denmar Correctional Center, where he currently serves. Mr. Williamson is a member of Southern States Correctional Association and the Association of Correctional Employees.


  • Warden – Mark A. Williamson
  • Associate Warden of Security – Jason Workman
  • Associate Warden of Programs – Rob Neal 
  • Associate Warden of Operations – Sylvia Haney


The Denmar Correctional Center is located near Hillsboro in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. Originally opened as a state hospital for treatment of tuberculosis patients, the hospital was later utilized as a long-term health care facility for the chronically ill. The Denmar Hospital was closed in 1990.

In February 1993, the Pocahontas County Commission conveyed the deed for the former Denmar Hospital to the West Virginia Division of Corrections for conversion to a state correctional facility. During the 1993 session of the West Virginia Legislature, funds were appropriated to the Division of Corrections for renovation and occupation of the facility now known as Denmar Correctional Center.

In December 1998, the Regional Jail Authority provided funding for a building project at Denmar. The project included a Multi-Purpose Building, a Correctional Industries/Vocational Building and a new roof for the Greenbrier Birthing Center.

The building project was completed in January of 2000.