Northern Correctional Facility

Karen Pszczolkowski, Warden

112 Northern Regional Correctional Drive
Moundsville, WV 26041
Phone: (304) 843-4067
Fax: (304) 843-4073


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Northern Correctional Facility to provide a safe, secure, and humane environment for the public, staff, and inmate population; improve the delivery of correctional services and programs through re-entry initiatives; provide services to victims; while being responsive to the needs of the inmates and concerns of staff.

Leadership Biography

On 1 July 2013, Commissioner James Rubenstein appointed Karen Pszczolkowski as Warden of Northern Correctional Facility.

Ms. Pszczolkowski began her career with the West Virginia Division of Corrections in 1985 as a Counselor I at the former West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville, West Virginia. In 1993, Karen was promoted to the position of Correctional Unit Manager. With the closure of the West Virginia Penitentiary and reconfiguration of staff, Karen assumed the position of Corrections Case Manager at the newly opened Northern Correctional Facility. In 1998, Karen was promoted to the position of Associate Warden of Operations. She gained invaluable experience during her tenure as Associate Warden of Operations, enabling her to make a successful transition to the position of Warden.

Karen graduated Cum Laude from Fairmont State College in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Criminal Justice and Sociology. In 1986, she became a Certified Level I Rational Behavior Therapist through the West Virginia College of Graduate Studies.

Throughout her tenure with the West Virginia Division of Corrections, Karen has served as an Adjunct Instructor for the Division of Personnel, was a sponsor for NIC’s Management Development for the Future, was a member of the Training Advisory Board, Religious Services Steering Committee, Marshall County Threat Preparedness Committee, and a member of Contract Committee for DOC Medical and Commissary Services.


  • Warden - Karen Pszczolkowski
  • William Yurcina - Deputy Warden
  • Associate Warden of Programs - Brandy Miller
  • Associate Warden of Operations - Joanie Hill
  • Associate Warden of Security - Mike Hill


The Northern Regional Jail and Correctional Facility was dedicated on 24 August 1994. This facility is “unique” in the aspect that it is two separate and distinct entities, a Correctional Facility under the direction of the West Virginia Division of Corrections and a Regional Jail under the direction of the Regional Jail Authority. The Northern Correctional Facility, which is a Level V (Maximum Security) Correctional Facility, received its first inmates on 31 August 1994. The initial intention was to house male offenders, however, due to the experience of the staff (being former penitentiary employees) this changed. NCF was housing male and female offenders, operating a DOC receiving unit, and establishing the state’s first Behavior Improvement Unit (BIU).

Today NCF houses approximately 253 male inmates, some in double bunked cells, who have been convicted of serious offenses against persons and property or are special management cases. NCF operates under a Unit Management philosophy and utilizes a team approach to inmate management. The Northern Correctional Facility maintains General Population and a short-term Segregation Unit for those DOC inmates who have been found guilty of a rule violation and sentenced to serve segregation time by the Institutional Hearing Officer.

The Northern Correctional Facility is accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA). ACA is designed to ensure that correctional facilities provide the basic programs and services required for good correctional practice, the standards and accreditation process also prescribes safe working conditions for both staff and inmates. In January 1999, NCF became DOC’s first facility to become accredited.