Parkersburg Correctional Center

Russell Maston, Warden

225 Holiday Hills Drive
Parkersburg, WV 26104
Phone: (304) 420-2443
Fax: (304) 420-2477


Mission Statement

The mission of Parkersburg Correctional Center is to enhance public safety by providing a safe, secure and humane correctional system. That includes an effective community supervision program, opportunities to prepare offenders for successful re-entry, and sensitivity and responsiveness to victims of crimes.

The goal of Parkersburg Correctional Center is to operate an effective community corrections program that changes inmate conduct through community supervision and treatment programs that facilitate inmate transition into society while promoting a culture that mentors and encourages mutual respect between staff and inmates, staff professionalism, career enhancement, positive morale and pride.


  • Warden – Russell Maston
  • Deputy Warden – Aaron Westfall
  • Unit Manager – Patrick Shreves
  • Chief of Security – Lt. Aaron Simonton
  • Business Manager – Lisa Villers


Parkersburg Correctional Center (PBCC) was formerly the Holiday Inn that closed in August 2007. PBCC officially opened on August 6, 2012 and received the first inmates on August 29, 2012. PBCC is a minimum-security facility which currently houses 130 male offenders who are carefully screened through a risk assessment classification method for participation in the work release program. Inmates assigned to the facility are minimum or community classification status and must be within eighteen months of parole eligibility or discharge. They are monitored for program compliance, tested for alcohol and drug use, and supervised when in the community through random phone calls, supervisor evaluations, and unannounced visits from staff.

Inmates are encouraged to further their education by attending General Education Classes (GED), vocational classes, and college courses when applicable. They are also employed in the community in various jobs and pay a percentage of their income to the facility to help defray the cost of incarceration and save taxpayers money. They also utilize their opportunity in the work release program to begin paying child support, court costs or fines, and restitution they may owe. PBCC inmates also assist local communities through various community service projects.

Work Release Program

Inmates are required to work assigned jobs while at the facility as well as perform a minimum 80 hours of Community Service work. Upon completion of community service, inmates from facility employment inmates that are work release status obtain employment within the community in a variety of fields to include Department of Highways, construction, restaurant and retail sales. Work Release status inmates also earn two hour passes and overnight furloughs to immediate family members based on behavior, history and approval of officials in prospective furloughing county. Inmates out in the community are monitored by the PBCC staff through random telephone calls, employment evaluations; visual employment checks furlough visits and random drug & alcohol testing.

RSAT Unit Inmates

Inmates volunteer to participate in the RSAT program which is a very structured program consisting of 4 phases. The 1st phase is the entry level inmates and they progress to the 4th phase which when completed they will become eligible to transfer to the Work Release Program.