Saint Marys Correctional Center

Patrick A. Mirandy, Warden

2880 N. Pleasants Highway
St. Marys, WV 26170
Phone: (304) 684-5500
Fax: (304) 684-5506


Mission Statement

St. Marys Correctional Center's mission is to provide for the custody, control and care of convicted, adult, male felons who have been convicted of severe crimes against man or nature. SMCC is a medium security facility for the West Virginia Division of Corrections designed to house offenders departmentally classified as Level III, Level II and Level I custody. Offenders departmentally deemed as geriatric or chronically ill may also be assigned to SMCC.

Leadership Biography

Mr. Patrick A. Mirandy received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Marshall University in the spring of 1993. Mr. Mirandy was initially hired within the division as a Probation and Parole Officer supporting the Parkersburg Parole Office in 1994. Mr. Mirandy was promoted to Corrections Unit Manager at the newly opened St. Marys Correctional Center on 01 August 1998. Mr. Mirandy was conducive with the development of additional inmate programming at SMCC and again was promoted to Correctional Program Manager I, Associate Warden of Programs, on 01 June 2003.

Mr. Mirandy has further demonstrated commitment to the agency by being instrumental with the conversion of the Parkersburg Holiday Inn property to a correctional facility. Mr. Mirandy was named Warden of the new Parkersburg Correctional Center on 16 May 2012. And on 05 July 2012, the Division of Corrections has identified Mr. Mirandy as overseeing the daily operations of the St. Marys Correctional Center.


  • Warden - Patrick A. Mirandy
  • Deputy Warden - John Anderson
  • Executive Assistant - Lisa McDowell
  • Business Manager - Donna Harter
  • Associate Warden of Security - Sean Markey
  • Associate Warden of Programs - Jack Stollings
  • Associate Warden of Operations - Don Springston


The St. Marys Correctional Center is located three miles north of St. Marys on State Route 2 in Pleasants County. It was formerly known as the Colin Anderson Center, which was established in 1932. The Colin Anderson Center was closed in spring of 1998, at which time the transition was made to convert the facility to a medium security correctional institution.

With the aging offender population and a need to house them accordingly, SMCC offers a unit that is specific for those needs. St. Marys has a relatively flat campus that meets the needs of those in wheelchairs and others with mobility issues. To include those mentioned above, in total St. Marys has a daily count of 610 inmates.

St. Marys Correctional Center predominately houses medium classification custody inmates. Inmates are prepared for release through education and other needs appropriate classes. Community service is provided with inmate labor at various locations throughout the area as well as non-profit organizations upon request. St. Marys Correctional Center strives to be a good neighbor to the Pleasants County area. Our focus is Re-entry oriented as these offenders will eventually be released back into society with hopes of remaining and not returning to incarceration.

In February 2014, St. Marys Correctional Center became the third WVDOC facility to partner with paws4people by implementing the paws4prisons Program. The paws4prisons Program teaches inmates to train various types of Assistance Dogs and then manages and supervises the training of these Assistance Dogs for and in support of the mission of the paws4people foundation. The 8 week Shelter2Pet Program at SMCC partners with the Pleasants County Humane Society, teaching basic obedience to make their dogs more adoptable. Throughout a rigorous 21 week academic course, inmate trainers learn to train dogs in basic and advanced obedience, then progress to training highly-trained Assistance Dogs. The Assistance Dogs learn over 100 commands. The highly-trained Assistance Dogs, some of which know in excess of 100 commands, often learn specialized commands depending on the client’s needs.

The paws4prisons Program has served as an inmate rehabilitation program and has considerable success in aiding inmates to learn patience, responsibility and gives them the opportunity to “pay it forward.” Humility, Integrity, Empathy: These are the core values of the paws4prisons Program.

St. Marys Correctional Center also provides a Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) Unit consisting of 108 beds. Inmates with a history of substance abuse are given the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their addiction thru educational classes, peer groups and a graduate program that focuses on self-change and a successful re-entry into society. RSAT uses the therapeutic community to achieve these results. There is also an aftercare plan developed to help with the recovery process after release.

As mentioned above, our institution and programs are Re-entry focused and we accomplish this with a total collaborative team effort, which includes many disciplines.