West Virginia Corrections Academy

Scott Patterson, Director

The Morris Criminal Justice
Training Center
103 Academy Drive
Glenville, WV 26351
(304) 462-3044 Phone
(304) 462-3052 Fax


Mission Statement

The Mission of the West Virginia Corrections Academy is to provide quality training – consisting of Orientation, Basic, On-the-Job, In-Service, and Specialized Training – that ensures employees have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to fulfill the Division’s mission.

Vision Statement

To emphasize employee-centered training based on the results of valid, objective, on-going needs assessments.

Leadership Biography

Scott W. Patterson began his career with the West Virginia Division of Corrections in 1992. He served as Warden at Anthony Correctional Center from June of 1998 until July of 2007 when he accepted a position with the Department of Justice in Iraq.

He returned to the WV Division of Corrections in 2011 when he was once again appointed as the Warden of Anthony Correction Center. Her served in that capacity until he accepted the position of Director of Compliance and Audits in January of 2015. In January of 2017, he became the Director of the West Virginia Corrections Academy.


Initially, all training for correctional officers was conducted at the West Virginia State Police Academy. In 1982, then Commissioner of Corrections, W. Joseph McCoy, recognized the need to create the West Virginia Corrections Academy. In September 1982 the Academy began operations located in Randolph County near the Huttonsville Correctional Center. In August 1987 the Academy was moved to the campus of West Liberty State College located near the city of Wheeling in Ohio County. It was relocated in August 1996 to its location on the campus of West Virginia University Institute of Technology in Montgomery, Fayette County. In January 2007 it was temporarily relocated to Parchment Valley, Ripley, Jackson County, while plans were made for a permanent site. In December 2009 the Academy was relocated to Glenville in Gilmer County, which is now home to the WV Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety Professional Development Center.

The Academy serves as the training department for the West Virginia Division of Corrections, and consists of training personnel at the Academy as well as at each facility and work unit in the Division. The Academy also hosts and provides training for other public service agencies upon request.